Get your online resume today. A printed resume belongs in the past, fix and upgrade your professional persona. Be different. Be special.

Do you care about saving the Planet? You should, you have a lifetime to spend on it.

Do you already have a personalized BLOG? Come on, my pet lovebird & pigeons have one. (Well not really, I do all of their posts and media)

Where would you like to see yourself 2-5-7 years from now? A coach, mentor, content writer. This can happen if you blog your learning and contributions at least once a week.

Are you ready for the challenge and willing to modernize yourself and your personality? Of Course, You Are!

Heres what you can do. You can choose to spend days trying to learn online from to figure out boring IT stuff like Hosting, Configuration, Emails, Website, Themes etc.


And utilize your valuable time preparing for the interview and researching about your potential employer? You can get the following done by an EXPERT at a mere USD7.77/- in 24 HOURS flat. We will recommend and suggest the best deal available for pre-requisites like Hosting & Website. Do you already have a domain & hosting account? Well, great going. CLICK here and a customer success manager will contact you for the account details and we will do the rest.


  1. Online Resume Customized to your Personality and Field of Work.
  2. 100% live and one-click access to your Resume and professional profile.
  3. Professional custom email [].
  4. No links and hassles like file-sharing, accounts, links etc.
  5. The first BLOG article that you can edit / update via email. [FREE]
  6. Training on how to write blog articles highlighting your skills. [FREE]
  7. Record a simple 30-second self-introduction we will add it live & save yourself that introduction phone call. [FREE]

All the above at USD7.77/- ONLY

CLICK HERE to send the application. One of our customer success managers will get back to you once you send me the payment confirmation details.

Unlimited SSD Hosting


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