Focussed Freedom

A long-awaited post pending due to personal commitments. You don’t need to have your own business to be business minded, mindfulness is more essential. Besides the simple fact that going to a job does not make you an employee, its how you take it is what defines the feeling. However, your employer happily makes you realize that you’re an employee quite easily by being a boss & not being a leader.

  1. Work for a job you enjoy doing & happy to do for FREE.
  2. To survive and make ends meet, what you must earn you must, where the income is generated from is not essential.
  3. Keeping busy and being aware of how you spend your 18 hours of awake time? Is utterly crucial.

If you’re still woozy about how to go about doing it. Check my post on creating just a professional profile / eCV and a landing page to get started.

I can help you set up your eCommerce Store for free – product import, theme selection, Traffic Generation Guidance, Marketing & Affiliate programs etc etc etc

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Some tools to help existing brick & mortar businesses succeed with online retail:

Finally, just poke/ping / connect / message and I will be there to assist you on your journey to becoming a successful Entrepreneur right away… As easy as A B C

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