The Dawn of the Planet of the JOB-SEEKER

The era of the employee and the job-seeker has dawned. I believe the time is right to ensure potential employees/job seekers – change the hiring game, the same way customers have changed the way things are sold to them over the years now they are offered, priced, marketed differently.  The importance and value will slowly and surely be handed over towards the employee/job-seeker.

1. Create a professional profile & ensure it has a blogged attached to it, document everything from the 1st day of college – learning, coaching, training, projects, social-work, charity, contributions etc. You name it and post it on a simple page.

2. Send the employer a link to your online profile and it will be read end to end – by NLP/AI or an army of HR juniors.

3. It ensures the protection of employees by not letting new job search affect their existing careers.

However, this is a sure thing that if the employer does not have the courtesy or the patience to value your online profile they will ask you a question & in the interview, they will reply “It is on my eCV didn’t you go through it?” & finally, if they don’t value the content you work hard to build over the years before starting a professional career position, you can rest assured the employer/company wouldn’t give a damn where your career prospects go in terms of job satisfaction, training, personal development etc.


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