& Expedia gaining steam…

  1. Meta Search – Travel Based Startups Bubble Burst time: The hotel & flight Metasearch was once considered the mecca of business startups, that was when one could not access customers or their patterns & behaviour directly. Though the metasearch concept may last a few years in emerging markets where the IT, Mobile, Internet acquisition is yet just beginning, where the traveller is still unaware of the top players or should we say only relevant players in the market. 
  2. & Expedia – have by far exceeded their imprint on the Travellers minds in developed and technology savvy countries from just being a website. These companies today are a product in themselves. There was a time similar when people would pay the extra $25/- to show ‘Thomas Cook’ on the printed travel stationery.
  3. Still reading?… A more aggressive, extreme and thorough report can be viewed on PhocusWire – they have recently announced buying out the more conveniently named company providing travel news tnooz
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