Are you looking for a job? Are you based in EUROPE/LONDON? I recently came across an amazing site with flexible profile creation, easy questions and a very beautiful interface.

They answer the most concise and clear FAQ (below) one would face while selecting a recruitment site. In addition, they explain the entire profile creation & steps involved. As soon as your profile has the status 100% additional links let you add more details to update software skills, job skill, background & expertise, work experience, languages spoken etc is Europe’s tech-focused job platform. Create a profile and let companies apply to you.

  • What is is a developer-focused job platform, linking screened tech talent with approved companies. The idea of the platform is to switch the power dynamic of traditional recruiting. You create a profile and companies apply directly to you with transparent job offers. The entry criteria on both sides create a transparent and efficient marketplace, open only to those pre-approved, allowing talent and companies to focus on finding the right fit.
  • What type of skills do you look for on for skillsets varies? Currently, we are seeing a strong need for mobile development and for frontend and backend web development. We also have positions in DevOps, for data-scientists, for CTOs and more. Experience in startups is a bonus, though not a prerequisite. A good level of English is important for most jobs too, though some positions may be advertised in different languages.
  • How does the process work? Signup to and create a profile. Before becoming visible to companies, we will check your code and have a quick call with you to establish your salary and tech preferences. Once this is complete and your profile is fully filled in, you will enter a batch. Batches start every Monday and run for three weeks and during this time you are visible to companies. This creates urgency for companies who are motivated to move fast to send you interview invites. You accept the interviews for the positions which interest you, interview with those companies, and choose the role that’s closest to your ideal.
  • What is a Talent Rep?A Talent Rep is your personal guide to They will lead you through the entire process, from sign up to job offer, answer any questions you have along the way and help you navigate company profiles, interview invites, and job offers. Your Talent Rep is experienced in tech and startup recruitment so feel free to ask for support when you need it.
  • Do I need to pay a fee for using is a completely free service for job seekers! You don’t have to pay a fee at any time on the platform.

Getting Approved to

Well, now the Difficult part which is not really that difficult for the right candidate and if you are really talented you are already in demand bro… Don’t worry though, there is a Talent Rep who will babysit you through the entire process. [Atleast that’s what they tell you ;)]

Receiving interview invites

This is the interesting part. Instead of candidates searching and going crazy uploading a horde of documents and submit buttons who probably hate me already for the 1 million job applications I have done in the last 10+ years of my career.

You will receive JOB INVITES. Their USP is Europe’s tech-focused job platform. Create a profile and let companies apply to you.

On, Europe’s best tech companies apply to you.

How it works:

  1. Tell us about your job preferences.
  2. Receive job offers with salary and tech stack up front.
  3. You choose which companies to interview with. And find the job that suits you best.

CLICK HERE To check it out & do remember to comment your experience for other readers.

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