I am lucky to have landed my first project really soon into beginning my side hustle, within 1 month to be precise. No, it was not a multi-million dollar contract, nor a lucky break. Just a step out of the comfort zone into the Sunlight and getting an experience of the Heat. Yes, that’s what it feels like not sitting around as an employee and working hard for yourself.

Yes, it was a known associate who I approached and literally pushed into business development training & professionally approaching everything that is being done. I would be very happy to see them succeed with their passion.

The primary reason I did so was not to make them spend a few hundred dollars. However, it was simply because of a passion that they were so keen about developing and all that was needed was technical support, a software solution, an organized costing and pricing policy, coaching for 10X mindset and most of all freedom from the terrors & fears of self-doubt, technology, change and procrastination.

With me, the passion part is in short supply. I would love to solve business problems and help in general without charging anything, that was if the world was without its standard operating procedures and MONEY was just that a piece of paper.

Unfortunately, I have to charge for my services. That sucks, especially when you know there is so many who can do better with just a little help and guidance in the right direction.

The second reason is FREE is considered not good enough. [read the next paragraph for the reasons :D, they never change]


Not everyone is enthusiastic about listening to advice. That is the biggest problem with Humankind today.

Blame it on the educational system, the gadgets, the instant gratification habit, the millennials [overused? I just had too :)], the inability to learn, the overbearing know-it-all attitude, the lack of time [stop cribbing, we all have the same 24H], the unwillingness to accept change and the list goes on…

The even bigger concern is that people are expected to pay for same. Some of the objections and responses are listed here.

Huh! Are you kidding me?

Pay for learning something we all know already?

Can’t we just ‘GOOGLE IT’ [with the word FREE]?

What have you got to say we haven’t heard already?

Been there, Done that, no thank you.

So, Mr Expert, there’s hours of Videos on ‘YOUTUBE’, why pay you for something that is FREE?

Agreed, everything is right out there and a lot of it is FREE. The GOLDEN QUESTION is not why to pay for the training or learning, however, it is ‘HAS ANYONE READ, LISTENED, WATCHED, APPLIED any of the knowledge and utilized the tools available?’

Do let me know in comments, What are the challenges you faced & how you overcame? You are welcome to submit a request for a free private class 30 mins of all your questions answered & tips that you may have to improve my services.

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